How to get to Logan from North Station? (2023)

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How far is North Station from Logan?

The distance between Boston / Logan Airport and North Station is 2 miles. How do I travel from Boston / Logan Airport to North Station without a car? The best way to get from Boston / Logan Airport to North Station without a car is to line 22 bus and subway which takes 29 min and costs $2 - $18.

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Which train station is closer to Logan Airport?

Two Amtrak stations are less than a 10-minute drive from Boston Logan Airport: North Station and South Station. North Station trains head north only with a final destination in Maine. South Station trains travel along the coast to Virginia.

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Are there shuttles to Boston Logan airport?

On-Airport Shuttle

Massport provides free shuttle bus service between airline terminals, the Rental Car Center, the Water Transportation dock, and Airport Station on the MBTA Blue Line. All Massport shuttle buses feature low-floors for easier boarding, luggage racks, and are wheelchair lift-equipped.

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Is South Station or North Station closer to Logan Airport?

No, South Station is closer and easier to get to from the airport.

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Is there a shuttle from Logan to North Station?

From the Airport: Take the free Massport shuttle bus from any terminal to the Blue Line at Airport Station>Blue Line to State Street Station>Transfer to the Orange Line to North Station for Commuter Rail service.

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How much is Uber from Boston airport to downtown?

Rates range from $20-$30 but could be higher if your destination is further out from the city center.

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What Metro stop is Logan Circle?

Logan Circle has no metro station, though the U Street and Dupont Circle stops are close by. Logan is just a short half mile walk to every Metro line in the District — Dupont (Red), McPherson Square (Orange/Blue/Silver), U Street (Green/Yellow).

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Is Silver Line to Logan free?

Massport Shuttle is always free, and the Silver Line is free from Logan Airport. You'll need to buy a ticket or pass to make a connection to the bus, train, or ferry. CharlieTickets are valid for travel on the subway and local bus routes.

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How long is Silver Line to Logan?

The first stop of the SL1 bus route is South Station and the last stop is Now Entering Terminal B. SL1 (Logan Airport) is operational during everyday. Additional information: SL1 has 5 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 17 minutes.

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How much is shuttle to Logan Airport?

Traveling from Back Bay? Tickets are $3 to the airport with a free ride back. Buses depart regularly from Back Bay, Braintree, Framingham, Peabody and Woburn with direct service to all of Boston Logan's terminals (lower level).

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Are Boston shuttles free?

Overview. Just announced! Starting March 1, 2022, Route 23, 28, and 29 bus riders will be able to board at all doors without paying a fare for two years. From March 1, 2022 through February 29, 2024, MBTA Routes 23, 28, and 29 will be free for all riders.

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How early should I get to Logan Airport?

Massport works with the TSA to monitor security line length and tries to keep the wait time less than 15 minutes; however to avoid any problems, we recommend arriving two (2) hours prior to domestic departures and three (3) hours prior to international departures to ensure adequate time for check-in, security screening ...

How to get to Logan from North Station? (2023)
Which Amtrak station should I use in Boston?

Boston, MA - South Station (BOS) | Amtrak.

Is there a train from South Station to Logan?

Yes. The MBTA Silver Line departs from South Station to Logan Airport regularly throughout the day.

How much is Silver Line to Logan Airport?

The Silver Line SL1 will drop you off in front of your Logan terminal. The Silver Line SL1 runs from approximately 5:30AM to 12:30AM every day of the week. o General cost for riding the MBTA: $2.75 single fare (CharlieTicket/Onboard Cash), $2.25 with preloaded Charlie Card.

Does the blue line go to Logan?

Both the Blue and the Silver lines—each part of the mass transit system known as the T—service Logan Airport as do ferries and buses, some run by the T and some run by the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), the airport's owner and operator. The Silver Line SL1 route bus stops at each terminal.

What lines go to North Station Boston?

North Station is a commuter rail and intercity rail terminal station in Boston, Massachusetts. It is served by four MBTA Commuter Rail lines – the Fitchburg Line, Haverhill Line, Lowell Line, and Newburyport/Rockport Line – and the Amtrak Downeaster intercity service.

How much is a cab from Logan to downtown Boston?

Taxi fare from Boston International Airport

The price of a journey to downtown Boston costs around $25 USD (€21). However, this price excludes any tip you wish to give to your driver and all taxi cabs leaving Boston airport need to pay a $2.75 toll (€2.30).

Is taxi or Uber cheaper at Logan Airport?

Uber to Logan Airport costs vary depending on demand, time of day, and other factors. In general, Uber is cheaper than traditional taxi and limousine services. You can see an estimate of your fare before you request a ride.

Can Ubers go to Logan Airport?

Passengers can use their favorite ride app to get picked up or dropped-off at Boston Logan International Airport. Please be aware that there are designated areas for ride app pickups and drop-offs at the airport. Please select your terminal below to learn more about where to find ride app locations when you travel.

Is the Boston tram free?

$2.40 – $13.25, depending on how far you travel.

Does Logan have a train station?

Logan Central station, platform 1, Logan Central.

Where does Logan Express drop you off?

Passengers traveling to Logan Airport on the service are dropped off at each terminal's departures level, while passengers taking the service from the airport are picked up on the arrivals level at designated curbs.

What is the best train station to arrive in Boston?

Boston's Amtrak Train Stations

Boston South Station at 700 Atlantic Avenue near Chinatown and the financial district is the city's principal train terminal and also the main station for intercity bus service.

How do I pay for the Boston Silver Line?

You can purchase a Wave card online, at Rapid Central Station, or at a retail location. Single-ride Silver Line fares can be purchased with cash as you board through the front doors. We recommend paying with exact fare as our buses cannot provide change.

Is the Silver Line in Boston a bus or subway?

The Silver Line is a system of bus routes in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts, operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). It is operated as part of the MBTA bus system, but branded as bus rapid transit (BRT) as part of the MBTA subway system.

How do I get to Logan without tolls?

Take 93 South from any point north of Storrow Drive (or take Storrow Drive itself) and you have the option of the Callahan tunnel, which is toll-free outbound from the city to Logan. You can also access the Callahan tunnel from downdown Boston by following signs for Route 1A.

What line is North Station on in Boston?

North Station is an underground MBTA subway station in Boston, Massachusetts. Served by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Green Line and Orange Line, it is connected to the North Station surface terminal used by MBTA Commuter Rail and Amtrak.

What MBTA stop for Fenway Park?

Fenway Park is conveniently located within walking distance of public transportation. It is just around the corner from the Kenmore T station.

Does Amtrak go into North Station Boston?

Only Amtrak Downeaster trains to New Hampshire and Maine arrive and depart from Boston North Station. All other Amtrak services in Boston depart from South Station and Back Bay Stations. Amtrak does not offer connecting transfers to/from North Station; you will need to arrange your own transportation.

Is TD Garden connected to North Station?

Direct into North Station – TD Garden at the same location. The entrance to the MBTA transit passage is now open.

Does the Blue Line go to Logan?

Both the Blue and the Silver lines—each part of the mass transit system known as the T—service Logan Airport as do ferries and buses, some run by the T and some run by the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), the airport's owner and operator. The Silver Line SL1 route bus stops at each terminal.

What T stop is the North End Boston?

What are the closest stations to North End? The closest stations to North End are: North Station is 55 yards away, 1 min walk. Causeway St @ North Station is 138 yards away, 2 min walk.

Is the shuttle from South Station to Logan free?

The SL1 bus picks up and drops off at every Logan Airport terminal, with connections to the Red Line and Commuter Rail at South Station in downtown Boston. Service from Logan Airport is always free. If you're headed to Logan Airport, transfers from the Red Line to the SL1 are also free.

How much does it cost to take the train from NYC to Boston?

Book 21 days in advance to save.
To/From Boston
New York, NY$31
Philadelphia, PA$33
Washington, DC$36
1 more row

Why does Boston have three train stations?

Because the tunnels would continue well south of downtown, three portals would accommodate separate connections to Back Bay Station to the west, the Old Colony Lines to the south, and the Fairmount Line running southwest.


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